Where Is It Better to Turn When You Want Something Unusual in Sex?

It happens that a person simply has no one to share their secret desires with, or the other half flatly refuses to diversify their sexual life, then specialized escort agencies come to the rescue. You should definitely resort to their help in this situation because such agencies are a guarantee of reliability and anonymity, which are important factors in intimate matters.

The sex is different. Once it seems to come from the pages of romance novels, once it resembles experiments you don’t want to repeat. We have prepared a list of things that are worth trying to decide whether you like them or not.


Sex Without Restrictions

Whether it happens during a vacation when the energy is bursting out of you, or after one extra cocktail, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is to release the brakes and try something that you never dared to do and that will drive you and your partner crazy.

  1. Dizzying Sex When You Break Stuff

When you get so involved in pleasure that you don’t know what you’re grabbing or pushing. A lamp broke, a shower curtain was torn off, a headboard broke, or a glass of water tipped over a laptop. Things happen. By the way, you can brag about this to your friends.

  1. Morning Sex That Makes You Late for Work or Meeting

Sometimes you need something stronger than an alarm clock to get up. And then you walk into the office with a strange, apologetic smile on your face. Anyway, try this.

  1. I Can’t Believe I Did This!

Sexual adventures aren’t a thing for everyone, but it’s normal. Just admit to yourself that there are things that excite as much as they frighten. Sex where you can be caught, sex with special toys, group sex, BDSM, and role-playing games, etc. Whether you like it or not — it doesn’t matter. What’s more important is that you tried what you wanted.

  1. Super-loud Sex That Irritates Neighbors

At least once in your life, you should ignore your manners. Whether it’s dirty words, loud moans, or the sound of the bed hitting the wall — any things that will be a little ashamed before the neighbor from the apartment on the left or right.

  1. A Pose You Won’t Repeat for the Rest of Your Life

At some point, you will do something that will just hurt. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything at all. At best, you will find a pose in which the pleasure will be unbelievable. At worst, it’s something to laugh about.

  1. Sex When She will Have to Work for Two

Usually, sex is a group work, but at least once in your life, try to relax and allow the escort girl to please you.

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