How to Stay Safe When Calling a Prostitute in Dubai

People need food, drink, and sex. We, undoubtedly, seek happiness, love of dear people, and recognition by others, but in general, our being craves satisfaction of natural instincts. Sex and escorts in Dubai is one of the main female and male needs if a person is healthy and doesn’t suffer from frigidity. Therefore, sex services are a necessary part of modern society. People go to different parts of the world for them, but most often to Dubai. Warmed by the Dubai sun and charmed by the Persian Gulf, people begin to think about the intimate side of human relationships and decide on using sex services. 


Safety Recommendations When Communicating With a Prostitute in Dubai

There are some rules that you need to follow for your own safety when using the services of hookers:

  • Keep only the necessary amount of cash with you. Determine in advance the approximate amount of money you may need. Leave the rest of the money at the hotel. In this case, you will not only be in a better position when making a deal (“Look, this is all I have”) but in the event of a robbery, you will only lose what you have.
  • Agree on the price in advance. Repeat the agreed price several times so that there will be no misunderstandings later. Some prostitutes threaten to make a scene to get more money. Even in hotels of the highest categories, the staff has experience in dealing with prostitutes, so do not hesitate to ask for help from the night manager (or the hotel security service). You can rely on their discretion, especially if you offer them some amount of money.
  • Do not try to deceive a prostitute. They behave calmly and submissively while the “counter”: is running, but if you try to deceive them, they become aggressive. You may be cut with a razor, or you may become the target of a pimp.
  • Never tell your real name. In extreme cases, only give your first name. On the one hand, according to some experts, you should never take a prostitute to your room or apartment, because it can bring trouble. On the other hand, a hotel is the safest place for a date.
  • Choose a place for a date yourself. Never allow a prostitute to lead you to any place at her pleasure. She may have accomplices who will be waiting for you to rob or commit more serious actions. Avoid shelters and places where the fee is charged for one hour of stay.
  • Double pleasure, double trouble. Don’t mess with two women at once. While one will give you pleasure, the other may search your pockets.

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