5 Tips on How to Diversify Your Intimate Life in Dubai

It’s hard to argue with the fact that sex is an important part of a relationship, and its impact on them is greater than it seems. But it happens, and quite often, that it gets boring. This, of course, is about ordinary sex, in which the couple uses their usual places and poses. What is repeated from time to time gets boring very soon, even if it is something pleasant and favorite and sex starts to irritate.

Let’s say a person eats apples every day because they really like them. But gradually they get tired, want to learn new tastes, and just replace the apple with a pear. In a relationship, something similar can happen — partners have arrived in Dubai and one of them decides to try new feelings and replaces the partner with an escort girl who is ready to help in diversifying of sexual life. Below is a list of things to try with your new beautiful companion in Dubai.


A New Beginning

Positions of partners, behavior, algorithms become boring over time, turning sex into a routine. It’s time to change something urgently. Switch roles, stay passive, and the woman will do all the work herself. Learn the Kama Sutra, choose interesting poses, and try a new one every time. Then you will definitely not get bored. But be careful with extreme positions and sensibly assess your capabilities, so that you don’t lie with a bad back. Usually, after some time, everyone develops their own sequence of actions during sex, which is convenient for them. You need to get out of your comfort zone! Improvisation will surprise you and your lovely escort model.

  1. Role-playing

It has long gained popularity as one of the most effective ways to change your sexual life, make it more interesting. Roleplay is a budget-friendly thing, you don’t have to change your clothes for it, although the costumes will create the right atmosphere. It is important not to hesitate to express your desires and find out what your girl wants. Don’t be afraid that it won’t work out. You don’t need any acting talent to do this. You don’t have to agree in advance, because the surprise itself is a very good incentive. It is advisable to change the plot of games, otherwise, you may also get bored with them.

  1. Sex toys

Pop out to the sex shop together or visit the store’s website if you are shy. Here the process is also important, the study of the range can put you in the right mood, excite, reveal secret thoughts and desires. Don’t know what to choose or how to use “that thing?” Find out from the seller.

  1. Sploshing

It’s like in the cult movie “9 1/2 Weeks” when something edible is applied to the partner’s body and then licked off. Even to move an ice cube over someone else’s nipples, chest, collarbones will be interesting for both. Your escort girl will get new, vivid impressions, and you will be excited by the fact that you have a certain power, control.

  1. BDSM

There is absolutely nothing wrong or shameful about it. It is sometimes difficult for people to admit to themselves that they are aroused by violence and everything related to it. You can start with something simple: slapping, biting, pinching, holding your partner’s hair. Only then move on to more intriguing games, including dressing up and using special tools.


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