Increase Moral With A Game Room

Playing billiards, or pool as it is called by some, may be hugely enjoyable and also an excellent approach to amuse guests at your celebration, as well as in a pool hall. Truth be told, back when pool tables were introduced to the typical public for purchase, the sole ones that aspired to be professionals, or had these pool tables inside their house were those players that were professionals.

A good idea is to have a pool table installed in the company game room. Say what? Your company doesn’t have a game room, how about you make one. Or maybe you can share your lunch room, make it duel purpose. It has become increasingly clear that you can benefit from a stress relieving game or hobby. So why not create some stress relief at work? The Phoenix branch had a brand new Olhausen pool table installed this past month and it has been a well received addition the company morale. The billiards service responsible for the delivery and installation deserves a mention, so here is a link to their website

In the last few years, it is becoming more and more popular to really have a pool table in your house to play for fun. Sure, professionals go above and beyond using their gear and may nevertheless have these tables in their own house, but much more and more of the general public is presently getting tables at the same time. Really because billiard table makers have made it possible to possess a pool table in a portion of the price, that’s. Making it means more possible to really possess one, with no intent of utilizing it to go professional, but instead to use as an amusement apparatus for your visitors and yourself.

Let us just say you’re experiencing company over to see a sporting event that is particular. It’s possible for you to see that and play with the billiards game in once, pausing the game if you need to cover additional focus on the sporting event. Your billiard cues, lay down and go eat and then come back to pick up where you left off. It is actually not that inflexible.

Sure, the opposition can get serious, but that’s an option you business and that you’ve got depending on yourself. This is the entire purpose, it’s in your gear, your rules, as well as your house. There’s a whole lot of attractiveness in that. Essentially some billiard cues, pool balls, and a pool table are all you actually want and you’re set to amuse to get a while that is good, making yourself as well as your guests incredibly pleased using their fun evening filled.

Overall, playing with pool just is now a fantastic past time for folks all around the globe. Some areas adore than many others, however there continue to be people in just about every place that love playing with the game. Give it a shot, you will not be disappointed. All the best for that greatest party entertainer.

Accidents Don’t Occur With Reputable Tow Companies

red tow truckThe truth is that you get what you pay for, always has been true. So it is when you hire vendors, contractors and emergency road services. Finding a reputable and dependable towing company is your town is a very important thing that you can do to save the frustration the one of your vehicles breaks down. One very important key is to do you research ahead of time. Stranded in the middle of the road during rush hour traffic is hardly the way to do towing company research. So do your homework ahead of time when you aren’t in an emergency. We looked around the San Diego suburb of Chula Vista, California to find an awesome locally owned towing company. We did our homework, online and the good ole fashion way of word of mouth recommendations, the results where clear… iTowing is San Diego’s premier towing service. We started with their BBB listing to ensure basic licensing info and to see if any major complaints had been filed.

Some Simple Step To Vet A Tow Service

In regards time to tow  your car or truck using a local towing service, choosing the right tow company could be rough. This is a fast list of ten strategies to get the greatest one for you.

Inquire About

Word of mouth is the most effective marketing. How was their encounter?

Research Online

Look up the social media reviews of the company. Folks have become upfront online. It’s a lot more likely for anyone to make a terrible review than a favorable one. Additionally, check that not merely a person who works for the firm, and a real customer, created the reviews that are great.

Charges filed against businesses which can be seen for up to 3 years are recorded by the BBB web site. The BBB also reveals if the company did anything to solve the problems in every single case.

Understand Exactly What Type Of Towing You Need

Do enough information gathering on the kind vehicle you’re intending to tow to be aware of not or if you’re finding a great deal. In the event you may not understand precisely everything you’re planning to tow this may be somewhat catchy.

Now let us dive into some real towing companies and choose our investigation offline. Begin noticing the encounter at each and paying attention to customer service with individual dispatching calls. Here are the situations you should try to find.

Tow Truck Capacity

Distinct yards will possess various tow vehicles. From your previous data collecting you need to possess recommended of what model and make you’d want to tow. Choose on a tow service that tows and serves to type of vehicle you need towed:

  • accident towing
  • motorcycle towing
  • emergency roadside
  • boat towing
  • trailer towing
  • fifth wheel towingFacilities

    Are the drivers reasons clean? They’re not planning to care about treating you nicely either usually if your driver doesn’t care enough to maintain their appearance fine.

    Customer Service

    It’s not difficult to pick out a towing dispatcher that is distressed.

    Accessible Services

    Do they ensure to get help to you within a reasonable period of time? Just how much repair and care is contained? This can be an excellent facet to think about.


    How long has that towing business been working in your town? The fact of the situation is not good companies will go out of business, particularly in a service-oriented sector. The longer they have been around, the more assured you could be in their business.

Vaping Decreases On The Job Stress

Smoke Break

sign that say to start vapingSmoking could be interesting when you begin. Following some time though, a lot of people decide that smoking attempt to give up smoking, and has lost its allure. These folks attempt to give up and unexpectedly they are hit by some recognition: they can not stop. This scenario happened to me. I could not stop, attempted to stop, and started to panic.

I panicked for a while and then I ‘d no alternative. I simply settled into my new custom of smoking. I used to be not old and I felt invincible. I believed that I Will smoke for some time and attempt to leave in a couple of years or annually. Then eventually my life transformed.

I really felt the pressure to smoke any time that I got anxious at work. That meant that I would need to take a smoke break to so called “clear my head”. I often got caught up gossiping on the smoke deck which led to guilt and more distraction from the task at hand. I was complaining about smoking to a co-worker one day and he suggested that I try vaping. I had seen many electronic cigarettes before but I had never tried one. So I took the advice and went to some vape shops in San Diego right after I got off work that day. I did some homework and found some interesting products that you can check out here. A lot of this stuff is pretty cool and hi-tech. I had never thought how much technology goes into creating all the vaping supplies and electronic juices but it could be a bit overwhelming.

The Journey: Stop Smoking & Start Vaping

There and here, I started to grow health issues. These difficulties usually arrived and went, however among the health problems was being consistent and pesky. Naturally when most individuals are made to appear their mortality I beginning envisioning the worst possible consequences for that issue and got incredibly frightened.

Being really frightened, I unexpectedly got extremely powerful and new motivation to recover my health. I began working out frequently, keeping an excellent carriage, and eating better, but I stop smoking abruptly and with unbelievable ease. I simply knew I needed to stop and it came natural and simple. Since then I have not looked with anything but disgust in one smoke.

I understand that it took a panic as well as a real serious jolt for me personally to get the correct kind for motivation to stop smoking.

Rec Room For The Staff

Installing A Game Room Decreased Stress And Injuries

billiards-tableThe Ultimate Pool Trick

Since I play pool within my old age and so substantially I’m getting back problems but I nevertheless need to do in Pool and billiards. Some of the injuries are also attributed to the days when I would move pool tables. We would go long days moving pool table in San Bernardino County. So along with light work outs and my morning stretch routines I’ve hired a Masseuse monthly to focus on back and my neck, and once every so often and elbow. A monthly massage can actually put a difference back in your game although I am aware this looks extremely extreme. If you are taller, shooting pool becomes somewhat cumbersome by bending on the table your abs and back happen to be becoming strained and even though you ought to be resting in your stick supporting arm going back and forth in the table after long amounts of time can tighten up the muscles in your back. If you’re shooting pool right the neck is the most strained, your head should be looking the pool cue shaft of the pool cue down and up. Must arch which will set pressure across the back of the neck and extend the front if you are looking up your neck. Most massage therapists will let you know most people’s pressure is held by they in their own shoulders, and placing an excessive amount of pressure on your own neck for extended amounts of time can impact the flow of blood to the mind. By alleviating this pressure having a massage you give your complete attention to your own game rather than the cranks which are involved with a beaten-up neck or cramping.

The biggest reason you need to get a massage is complete stress relief the same as every sport for those who therefore are thinking about something besides the pool game before you and have anxiety, this may impact the game’s results. Every small matter can change the out come of any game but if you’re able to alleviate that pressure even for once a month it is possible to find a rise in your power to concentrate and actually give your self the best opportunities of winning in a league matches or pool tournaments.

I am aware the sum of money spent on a Massage Therapist may be costly but a good idea is find out if you have a local massage therapy school as well as a journey Masseuse if you’re able to convince among the folks to come all the way down to your own pool hall when there’s a maximum quantity of men and women to validated a more affordable rate involving you and the Masseuse subsequently maybe everyone can win. I began working using a traveling massage therapist and she gives me a truly amazing speed in addition to all my friends by hosting a Massage Celebration in which you get everyone a month. She ends up charging us a fifty cents a minute and you also constantly point while she ends up making a great sum of money and every on in the celebration is not unhappy.

Safety For Drivers Of Commercial

First things first – Safety first! Let’s take a moment and step back from the daily hustle and bustle of meeting deadlines, customer expectations and the demands of the boss. Let’s figure out how to work smarter and not harder. Trust me it’s easier to find a few new safe habits than it is to go through physical therapy for 6 months because of an accident that could have been avoided.

Some friends at the San Diego Towing Network run a very good towing outfit in the San Diego, California area, please check out their foursquare profile. The guys down at the tow yard know all about workplace safety from personal experience and training plus the exposure to all the wreckage that they are called out to clean up. A tow truck driver sees a lot of roadside damage so they’ve got a good look at things from a first persons perspective. Find more from the national safety council.

The biggest lesson that we have learned is a very simple one: slow down. We are all rushed and the demands of the transportation industry are very real. We’ve got guaranteed delivery times to meet, customers waiting on the side of the road for help and the old baby locked in the car trick! The truth is that speeding is a very common factor in most highway accidents. The thing about speeding is that it doesn’t really help in terms of arrival times, not by anything significant anyways. It’s the hustle and organization and planning of the individual driver that make a difference. Being prepared for the unexpected also helps with the tempo and on time status. There are scenarios that happen on an almost regular basis that seem to catch us off guard but in the end we really should know that they are going to happen. Fuel, for instance, we all know that our vehicles need some form of fuel whether it’s diesel, gasoline, propane, natural gas or electric. Why wait until you are in a major time crunch to fill up? An in demand vehicle should be filled to capacity and ready to run a full shift at the beginning of a shift. If you are a manager and there are rules or protocol that impede your drivers from implementing this habit then maybe the rules need to change.


Planning and organization should be a key factor in safely increasing your drivers delivery times and ETA’s. Be prepared for the regular troubles that may occur have a plan for flat tires and dead batteries when the time comes it won’t be a cluster. Have a sit down with the guys and brainstorm for ideas.

Preventing Injuries On Tow Trucks

old school tow truck

Tow trucks make people’s jobs easier. They automate a lot of work and save time. However, they can also be dangerous if not handled properly. They can result in the loss of limb or life if the injury is serious enough. That is why it is important for every employee to understand how to prevent accidents caused from working with the equipment.

Make Sure Tow Trucks are Working Properly

When a machine malfunctions, it can cause serious injury. Supervisors and managers should have policies in place that include regular inspection of all heavy equipment and machinery. This may be conducted in-house by a qualified person or it may be done by a servicing or repair company. Old parts should be replaced before they break. This helps prevent injury and reduces down time. Following proper safety while operating tow trucks couldn’t be better done that the folks that operate the San Diego Towing Network, by the way they also run the finest towing San Diego California has to offer. Get more safety info at the Department of Transportation website.

Provide Proper Safety Equipment

All employees should wear the proper safety equipment and management should ensure they have what they need. It should also be kept in good working condition. Supervisors are responsible for making sure everyone wears the safety equipment whenever they are working with the equipment. Any negligence would result in some type of disciplinary action.

Proper Driver Training

Employees should always receive the proper supervised training before being allowed to work on new machines. This not only includes knowing how to use the equipment, but understanding the proper safety procedures and dangers involved. For example, employees should avoid wearing loose clothing or having their hair down where it can get caught in the machine. They should know to stay away from certain moving parts and how to shut down a machine that isn’t working correctly. The correct shoes should be worn to prevent injury from low or moving equipment.

While machines have many benefits to companies, they are also a danger. Many accidents in the workplace happen as a result of working around machines. Supervisors and employees should know what to do and what not to do and be provided with the proper safety attire to protect themselves.

Cool Towing San Diego YouTube Video

Increasing efficiency within your fleet, personnel, company and your bottom line requires increasing your workplace safety awareness as whole. Injuries to workers and damage to equipment equal losses. Damages to a customers vehicle equal losses. Theses types of losses aren’t always going to be totally avoidable but overall can be reduced by proper training and towing procedural protocol improvements, do not lead from the rear. Have regular talks with tow truck drivers about things that they see that could use improvement. Your wrecker operators are the guys on the ground and they see things everyday that could help improve the safety and efficiency of your tow truck company. These guys minds are as good as gold, you just have to mine it. Take a driver or two out to lunch every week, he’ll appreciate it and you will gain priceless knowledge.

Avoiding Injuries While Working In A Body Shop

Injuries That Occur While Conducting Collision Repair

An Auto Repair Shop SignRepetitive Strain Injuries, or RSIs, are responsible for an alarming amount of lost-time injuries and illnesses. They can be devastating in their effects, resulting in anything from missing a few days, to major surgery or disabilities. Fortunately most RSI’s are easily avoided with simple exercises or accommodations. The nature of auto body repair and painting cars involves repetitive movements all day long. A tech fixing dents and straightening out a vehicle that has been damaged in an accident is very likely to do a lot of sanding which is exactly the type of repetitive motion that will cause an RSI. Follow some tips from Auto Body Shop and Collision Repair, Chula Vista, they provide top notch service and can even provide simple fixes like bumper repair Chula Vista, CA. Check out this YouTube video to see more The Best Auto Body Shop Chula Vista has to offer. Also visit the Chula Vista City Website to find out more about high quality repair shop safety programs in the area.

How Body Shop Injuries Occur

Three common causes of repetitive injuries are manual labor lines that go too fast, intensive keying, and repetitive and heavy lifting. Knowing what to do to keep yourself safe in each situation can help you avoid the resulting downtime, pain, or disability. To help out the car painters and auto repair personnel on the “front lines” it can be as easy as just information that you can provide either through live presentation or through training videos.

Auto Body Shop Production

Here are some ways to reduce RSI occurrence maintaining good shop production numbers.

  • Use hand and body positions that feel natural and normal. Seasoned workers have often found a rhythm and position that work well. Ask for advice.
  • Stretch hands, wrists, and arms at every available opportunity. You can do this while walking to and from the break room or restroom, or if your line has temporary downtime for a changeover or repairs.
  • Keep yourself physically fit – the healthier your body is, the less likely you are to develop a RSI.
  • Use some time to maintain auto body shop cleanliness and organization by taking regular breaks from body and paint work and sweep, clean up and organize the shop.
The Body Shop Estimators Are People Too!

Follow these tips are good for the people in the front office of your collision center to avoid stress injuries when typing:

  • Use good posture. Sitting correctly reduces strain on your head, shoulders, neck, back, and wrists.
  • Take short, frequent breaks. You should stop about every 30-60 minutes to stand, stretch your arms and legs, and flex or stretch your hands and fingers for a minute or two.
  • Consider getting an ergonomic keyboard or chair. Both support the way your body should be held naturally, and therefore reduce the strain that can cause damage.

Repetitive Heavy Lifting

Make sure that when you lift, you are lifting correctly.

  • Plan ahead. What is your destination? How will you get it there?
  • Stand as close to the object as possible, then kneel on one knee. Don’t bend from the waist or lock your knees.
  • Tighten your core muscles and lift the object between your legs. Breathe normally, and maintain your back’s natural curve.
  • Hold the object close to your body, and rest it on your knee as you prepare to stand.
  • Maintain the natural curve of your back and keep your core muscles tight as you lift the object with your legs.
  • Consider making multiple trips or getting help with very heavy objects.

5 Tips to Improve Temporary Employee Occupational Safety

saftey tipsCrisis management. Emergency preparedness. Occupational hazards.

We have all attended the mandatory trainings, but what do any of these phrases really mean? Over the last few years, there was a substantial increase in temporary worker deaths at their places of employment. Occupational safety hazards are all around us and it takes a well-trained employee to ensure that those potential risks don’t turn into hospital visits.

The U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) is the largest monitoring body in the country. Recently, OSHA and other organizations around the country have become more concerned with questions surrounding best practices for protecting temporary workers. In this country, there are more than 3 million temporary labor workers. These non-traditional workers often carry a greater risk because of their lack of occupational safety knowledge. We’ve found CPR classes in Sacramento to help train and certify wost of our staff in order to protect ourselves and our temporary staff. We suggest that you do as well.

These 5 occupational safety tips will help ensure that your company is on the right path to ensuring the safety of temporary workers—and improving overall occupational safety.

1.    Remember: Temporary employees are still employees

There is a common misconception that it is acceptable to treat temporary employees differently than regular employees. This is absolutely false. Every employee should adhere to the same rules and regulations. Employers have a responsibility to protect all employees.

2.    Ensure that all staff members maintain up to date trainings

The most important part of occupational safety is prevention. This cannot be achieved without the proper education. Although you may not be particularly motivated to invest as many of your company’s resources into a temporary worker, it is in your business’s best interest. Understanding proper lifting techniques, back injury prevention, and equipment maintenance can help everyone avoid a nasty accident on the work site. Without the right training, temporary workers are much more prone to severe accidents such as asphyxiation, chemical spills, and machine entanglement,

Temporary employees can prove to be great assets if they are kept abreast of best practices in occupational safety.

3.    Be sure you have the right amount and type of insurance

Regardless of how often you hire temporary workers, you should periodically check to be sure that your insurance is adequate in case of an incident at the work site. Do you have General Liability Coverage (GLC)? What about Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)? How do you know what is best for your situation? Before you decide to hire temporary workers, these are a few very vital issues that must be resolved in order to protect your business and your employees. The type of coverage may vary slightly from state to state depending on the type of business you run, but you should be aware that many General Liability Coverage policies are not sufficient when considering temporary workers; it all depends on the terminology that is used.

4. Follow the OIS code for temporary workers

Launched in 2013 by Deputy Assistant Richard Fairfax, the OIS (OSHA Information System) code for temporary workers inspects worksites for exposure to safety violations. Hiring temporary workers does not excuse a company from meeting safety standards. Moreover, this initiative does not present new legislation. It is simply a stronger enforcement of the 1970 Occupational Safety and Health Act. The new measures in the OIS code also include outreach initiatives and new grievance procedures.

5. Promote a culture of safety across the board

This is an essential step to ensuring that all employees are protected in the workplace. There should be a high standard when it comes to occupational safety. Promoting a culture of safety means that employers post safety hazard literature as needed and (for lack of a better cliché) practice what they preach. During site visits, supervision, or any other time on site, be sure to follow the same rules that you expect your employees to follow. Temporary workers are much more likely to follow the guidelines if there is a reinforced culture of safety in the workplace.

Using these five tips, your company can ensure that it meets (or even exceeds) U.S. occupational safety standards in the workplace. Staying up to date on the proper procedures and strictly adhering to OSHA guidelines is the best way to ensure that your business remains in compliance.

For more information on temporary workers and OSHA, please visit:


YouTube CPR Classes Sacramento, CA

While temporary employees can be heaven sent relief to an immediate need it’s also important to get them up to speed as soon as possible with your current safety procedures in order to protect yourself from a potential lawsuit or workplace accident. Getting an temp up to speed may cost some time but if you can take time to implement a well put together safety training system then you ca increase the speed and efficiency of the program.